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Holy Cross Health is the trusted health care provider that generations of Marylanders have come to for excellence and compassionate care. It is a not-for-profit health care network of hospitals, specialized care centers and innovative community-based services that lives its mission through its commitment to quality and equitable care for all.  

At Holy Cross Health, everyone matters.

We're Committed to Quality and Equitable Care For All

Why Give to the Holy Cross Health Foundation

Holy Cross Health is committed to providing high quality medical and preventive care for all, offering a safety net to many.

  • Holy Cross Health's four community health centers serve children and adults who are uninsured or enrolled in Medicaid, providing more than 35,000 primary care appointments each year.
  • In the past five years, Holy Cross Health provided more than $252 million in community benefit, including more than $132 million in charity care.
  • Holy Cross Health provided prenatal care to more than 22,000 women in need through the Maternity Partnership Program and the OB Clinics located at Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital.

We're Responsive to Community Needs


For more than 50 years, Holy Cross Health has responded to the wide-ranging health care needs of an aging and diverse community.

  • Holy Cross Health responded to the needs of the senior population — the fastest-growing segment of our population – with the creation of the nation's first Seniors Emergency Center, now a national model.
  • Responding to the need for a hospital in northern Montgomery County, in 2014, Holy Cross Health built Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, the first new hospital in the county in 35 years.
  • Community members participate 100,000 times each year in Holy Cross Health's wellness and exercise programs and other services for children, adults and seniors.
  • To serve our diverse population, Holy Cross Health offers around-the-clock interpretative services available in more than 200 languages and dialects for non-English speakers.

We Provide Compassionate Care


At Holy Cross Health, patients and families are treated as people first, which means compassion, dignity and respect are at the core of any treatment program. The needs of the whole person — body, mind and spirit — are what matters most. Patients matter when they are admitted to the hospital and when they are discharged back home.

  • Chronic disease self-management classes help patients learn how to manage their disease and live full lives
  • Home care is offered to patients who can be treated at home instead of the hospital or require follow up after hospitalization.
  • For discharged patients, Holy Cross Health makes sure they are connected to follow up care and make follow up appointments, understand their home care treatments and fill prescriptions.
  • Free support groups are offered to patients facing lifestyle changes as a result of illness and to those caring for ill spouses, children and other loved ones.
  • Spiritual assistance is offered to patients and families of all faiths and beliefs and the Faith Community Nurse Program supports 65 congregations in educating, empowering and equipping their members in the pursuit of health, healing and wholeness.

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Our donors are inspired to give for a variety of reasons, but no matter their cause, we are grateful for their support. Meet just a few of the thousands of donors who stepped forward to make a difference in our community.

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