Xiomara Metcalfe

Xiomara Metcalfe

Giving Out of Gratitude

“Deciding to donate to support Holy Cross Health was very personal for me,” said Xiomara Metcalfe, Silver Spring. Between 2014 and 2018, Xiomara suffered three hemorrhagic strokes. Each time she received care at Holy Cross Hospital.

“At Holy Cross, I found the kindnesses and mindfulness that made me appreciate the environment I was in,” said Xiomara. “It’s how everyone looked at me and, sometimes, held my hand. That might seem like little things, but I believe they helped me recover faster. I felt comforted.”

“While I was in the hospital, I was surrounded by people who cared and understood, and it was not just the doctors and nurses,” she said. “Even the man who came to clean the room and the person who brought the wheelchair seemed genuinely concerned about how I was. I have such an affection for all the people who work there.”

Holy Cross Health is committed to making high-quality medical care accessible to everyone. We provide a safety net for the uninsured and community members who are in financial need. “Organizations that give back are very important to me. Because Holy Cross is committed to giving back to our community, I am committed to helping them fulfill their mission,” said Xiomara. “And thanks to all the great care, I am fully recovered.”

“Because Holy Cross is committed to giving back to our community, I am committed to helping them fulfill their mission,” said Xiomara Metcalfe.

Compassion. Hope. Resilience. Gratitude.

Ask our patients, clinicians, staff, and volunteers and they will tell you these words sum up Holy Cross Health. More than any year before, 2020 challenged and changed all of us here at Holy Cross. But one thing remains the same – our commitment to high-quality, compassionate, and equitable care for everyone.

For nearly 60 years, we have provided unparalleled care in our community through our hospitals, first in Silver Spring, then in Germantown, and the Holy Cross Health Network, which operates primary care practices and affordable health centers offering a wide range of innovative, community-based health and wellness programs. Specialty care, home care, and hospice services round out our high-quality and coordinated continuum of care that aims to improve health and move life ahead for people in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

Now, supported in part by the contributions of generous donors to the Holy Cross Health Foundation, we are poised to build the Holy Cross Health of the future. We invite you to join us in driving our mission forward as we make important investments in our new outpatient Cancer Center, the renovation of the Holy Cross Hospital Labor & Delivery unit, and additional community initiatives to increase access to equitable health care.

For patients like Xiomara Metcalfe, who is featured here, giving back to Holy Cross is a way to show her gratitude for great care while making sure others have the same opportunity. She’s not alone. Patients and their families often wish to express their appreciation for the quality care and compassion they receive at Holy Cross Health. Please consider saying thank you by making a donation today.

Every generous donor helps transform the lives of all those cared for by Holy Cross Health. Gifts to the Foundation are investments in improving the health of our community through accessible and equitable care, new technologies and innovations, community health and wellness programs, and renovations and new construction.

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