Emile Foyet

In 2003, Emile Foyet, an uninsured political refugee from Cameroon, turned to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment of a serious lung infection. At the time he had no ability to pay, but Holy Cross Health is committed to caring for all people, regardless of their financial status.

We provided Emile with the diagnostics, medicines and treatment he needed. Emile was deeply touched by the excellent care he received and the compassionate way he was treated. By the following year Emile had a job and wanted to repay the health system for its kindness. He began donating to the Holy Cross Health Foundation that year—and has donated every year since.

“I wanted to make sure that Holy Cross Health could continue to help people like me—people in need, scared, who had nowhere else to turn,” says Emile. “And Holy Cross has done just that—by opening four health centers for people who otherwise may not have access to care.”

I can tell you from personal experience that most places in the world do not offer the quality and the kindness which Holy Cross offers to those who come to them in need. That’s why I am proud to support their mission and work.” 
- Emile Foyet, Donor


To make a donation to the Holy Cross Health Foundation, please complete our online giving form or download our pledge form and mail it to the foundation at 10720 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20901.

For more information about the Holy Cross Health Foundation, please call 301-557-GIVE (4483) or email HolyCrossHealthFoundation@holycrosshealth.org.