Empowering the Future: Swink's Legacy Fuels Holy Cross Health's Journey

In Germantown, Maryland, an inspiring story of community, healthcare, and philanthropy unfolds. Long-time residents Jim and Denise Swink have embarked on an estate planning journey that underscores the enduring impact of healthcare institutions and the power of giving back.

Their decision to include Holy Cross Health in their estate planning was motivated by a profound sense of community connection. Jim explains, "We live in Germantown, and when Holy Cross Health built a brand-new hospital here, it felt natural to support our local healthcare provider. So when we decided to plan our estate, Holy Cross Health became one of our chosen organizations."

But their decision goes beyond geographical proximity. Personal experiences within Holy Cross Health's walls have deeply influenced them. "My wife had surgery at Holy Cross Health, and I've been there for various reasons. Our children were born there years ago," Jim shares, “and the service we received has always been very much appreciated.”

These personal encounters express the vital role healthcare institutions play in our lives and communities, offering solace, healing, and support during significant life events.

Their choice is further rooted in a genuine recognition of Holy Cross Health's mission and values. "Healthcare is important to everybody, and we wanted to include it in what we leave behind," Jim emphasizes.

As a not-for-profit healthcare system, Holy Cross Health provides quality care and positively impacting patients' lives. This mission resonates deeply with the Swinks, making it a natural choice for their charitable giving.

Incorporating an organization into one's estate plan is about leaving a legacy, and the Swinks have a clear vision of how their contribution will benefit Holy Cross Health. "We hope our donations will support building and expanding facilities, ensuring Holy Cross Health continues growing and thriving," Jim says.

Their philanthropic gesture reflects their desire to bolster the hospital's future endeavors, ensuring it can continue to offer essential healthcare services to the community.

Jim and Denise's decision to include Holy Cross Health in their estate planning sends a powerful message to others considering charitable giving. Jim shares, "We hope that people, if fortunate enough, will consider leaving parts of their estate to causes they deeply care about. Healthcare should be at the top of that list."

Their choice illustrates individuals' capacity to make a difference in their community and the lives of countless others who will benefit from their generosity.

The Swinks' estate planning journey, emphasizing support for Holy Cross Health, reminds us of the profound impact healthcare institutions have on our lives and communities. Their decision highlights the enduring connection between local hospitals and the people they serve. It serves as an inspiring example of how planned giving can make a lasting difference, ensuring essential healthcare services continue to thrive for future generations.