Your Safety & Security

Fire and Disaster Drills

For your safety, the hospital regularly conducts fire and emergency preparedness exercises. You will be notified if an exercise occurs during your hospital stay. In the event of an actual emergency, you will be directed by hospital staff members or overhead paging. Please ensure your compliance and cooperation with these directions.


Patients should keep a list of all the medications they take and know why they take them. If you do not understand how to take your medications, you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist. Any medication can cause an allergic or unanticipated reaction, even in people who are not known to be allergic to the drug, or who have taken the drug before. Certain medications may interact with each other. If you cannot explain unusual signs or symptoms, contact your doctor. 

If you miss a dose of your medication, contact your doctor to advise you. Your medication is only for you. Do not offer your medication to someone else even if he or she has the same diagnosis. 

Your doctor prescribes all medications you take while you are in the hospital, so any personal medications should be sent home. You should not take any other medicine, unless specifically approved by your physician. If you regularly use any type of herbal supplement, please notify your nurse. Holy Cross Hospital's outpatient pharmacy can be reached at 301-754-7820 and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital's pharmacy can be reached at 301-557-6310. For questions or concerns that have not been addressed to your satisfaction, you may contact the Maryland Board of Pharmacy at 410-764-4755.

Fall Prevention

Factors that put patients at risk of falling, or being hurt in a fall, may include: experiencing weakness, using a walking aid, being in an unfamiliar environment, overestimating your physical ability, taking medications, needing to use the bathroom frequently or having a history of falling. To help keep you safe, staff will take certain measures including routine assessments, orienting you to your room, educating you on fall prevention, and making all staff aware of patients at risk of falling.

Fall prevention involves not only the patient and staff, but family, friends and caregivers as well. During your hospital stay, follow these safety reminders:

  • “Call don’t fall,” by using the call light to ask for help.
  • Wear non-skid slippers or shoes when walking.
  • Do not lean on anything that may roll or move, such as the bedside table or an IV pole.

It is standard practice to use the two upper side rails on hospital beds at all times. These rails can help support you when you move in bed. Long robes or gowns may cause you to trip. Ask for assistance if you need help walking.

Staff Uniforms

Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital staff members wear a name badge and many are identifiable by uniform/shirt color.


Staff Role
Certified nursing assistants
Health unit coordinators
Food services hosts/hostesses
Transport services
Supply chain technicians
Environmental services
Phlebotomists (draw blood)

Uniform or Shirt Color
Royal blue
Caribbean blue
Lavender (or a white lab coat)
Royal blue
Forest green
White lab coat