During Your Stay

At Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, we want to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay. Here is a brief overview of some of the helpful features of your hospital room and some services you may need. Do not hesitate to ask a staff member for assistance.

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Current Visitors Policy

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Free Wireless Internet Access 

To connect to our wireless network, your device must be equipped with a Wi-Fi compliant 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet card and a web browser. Ensure your Wi-Fi is set to “iguest.” Data encryption should be set to “disabled” and network authentication should be “open.” With these settings, users should be able to access the Internet.

Health professionals may ask you to limit computer usage while a patient is receiving treatment. We also maintain a courteous environment by asking that sound either be turned off or headphones be used. Due to the hospital’s security policies, some websites may be blocked. Hand-held devices and cell phones are permitted, but may not work on the wireless network. See page 26 for more information on the cell phone policy. Our staff does not provide technical support and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices.

Nurse Communication 

Nursing staff conducts frequent checks ("rounds") during the day to address your care needs. Rounds during the night respect your need for sleep. Should you need to contact your nurse outside of rounds, you may call him or her directly. For your safety, there is a nurse call button at your bedside and an emergency call button in your bathroom. A health professional is available to respond to conditions related to your care 24 hours a day.

Keeping you informed is important to us. Nurses typically work "shifts" ranging from four to twelve hours. When we hand over care to another caregiver, we provide a "shift report" – at the bedside whenever possible. During this report, we provide you with a brief review of what you experienced during the prior shift, and what you can expect for the next shift. We will ask you to validate your pain goal, tell us what's important to you, share any concerns and ask any questions you might have. Because it is your private and personal health care information, we will ask you if you want your visitors to stay or leave.

Partners in Care

Patients have the right to receive visitors they designate, including but not limited to a spouse, a domestic partner  (including a same-sex domestic partner), another family member or a friend. The hospital will honor your choices, but in instances when the visit is medically or therapeutically ill-advised, the hospital may need to limit family presence. Families and other “partners in care” are asked to work together with staff so that their presence does not limit safe access to any patient at any time. During your admission, you will be asked to define your  “family” and other “partners in care” and how you want them to be involved in your care and decision-making.


Your telephone, located on a stand by your bed, is equipped with volume control and a light indicator that signals an incoming call when the volume is turned down. Dialing "0" will connect you with an operator for assistance. TTY telephone equipment for the deaf and hearing impaired, and telephone equipment for the blind and visually impaired, is available upon request. To place a local call from your room, dial "9" then the phone number. Area codes are required for all local calls. Internal numbers may be reached by dialing "2" and the last four numbers of the phone number.  See our list of important hospital telephone numbers.

Television and Education

myStation is your in-room education and entertainment center, accessible via your television with either the wireless keyboard or pillow speaker. The free system allows you to watch television, view educational videos and movies on demand, play games, access the Internet and learn more about the hospital.

Personal Belongings

Have all valuables, money and credit cards (except what is needed for your co-payment or deductible) sent home for safekeeping.

If this is not possible, ask to have any money, checkbooks, credit cards, jewelry, cell phones or any other valuables stored in the safe in the cashier’s office. You will be given a receipt for your belongings. This receipt must be presented to retrieve your items. The hospital is not responsible for any patient's belongings unless they are deposited in the safe.

At Holy Cross Hospital, the phone number to the cashier’s office is 301-754-7393. The hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The cashier's office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. The administrative coordinator is available to retrieve your items after hours, if necessary.

At Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, the phone number of the cashier’s office is 301-557-6393. The hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The cashier’s office is closed on Saturday and Sunday and major holidays. If you need to retrieve your items after hours, please notify your nurse.

You are responsible for personal belongings such as glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and dentures while you are a patient. Please be sure to keep them in your bedside table when not in use. For dentures, please ask the nurse to provide a denture cup.