Maryland Primary Care Program

The Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) is a statewide program that provides financial support to primary care practices to promote care management and care coordination to improve health outcomes for your patients. MDPCP includes two track options - an upside-only risk model (Track 2) or a downside risk option for more advanced primary care practices (Track 3). Participating in either track of MDPCP:

Provides a Guaranteed, Prospective Care Management Fee for attributed Medicare patients for:

tools to enhance practice efficiency and effectiveness

Improving care coordination for rising risk patients

Multi-disciplinary staffing to better manage care for complex patients

Increases Your Practice Revenue

chart.jpgEligibility for Advanced Alternative Payment Model (AAPM) status offers a 3.5% increase in Medicare Part B payments for payment year 2025, and eliminates MIPS reporting requirements

bullseye.jpgPerformance-based incentives provide payment based on attributed beneficiary count. The amount paid to Track 2  and Track 3 practices in 2023 is $4.00 per member per month. Upside only risk in Track 2 with downside risk applied to practices in Track 3

DollarSigns.jpgPractices have the ability to capture “fee for value” payments associated with care coordination work such as transitional care visits and collaborative care

Offers Advantages not Available Through ACOs

Choosing to participate in MDPCP creates a great opportunity for practices interested in value-based care focused on care management enhancements that result in practice level investment and rewards.

Care management funding No direct support Prospective quarterly payment based on track and attributed patient risk scoring
Performance-based payments Retrospective, paid for ACO-wide performance Prospective, paid for practice-specific performance
Risk model Downside risk  Upside only risk in Track 2 with downside risk applied to practices in track 3
Payment for social needs No direct payment  Nation’s first direct payments for patients with both medical and social needs called the Health Equity Advancement Resource and Transformation (HEART) payments that are no subject to risk 

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