Holy Cross Health CTO Services

CTO services depend on the participating practice’s track in MDPCP, as well as their election of the comprehensive or limited level of CTO support:

  • At the comprehensive level of support, Holy Cross Health CTO will provide an RN complex care manager per 2,000 attributed lives. The practice and CTO split the care management fee payment 50/50 for Track 2 practices. In Track 3, practices keep 60% of the care management fee with 40% paid to the CTO. 
  • At the limited level of support, the practice is expected to provide its own care manager. In Track 2, the  practice keeps 70% of the care management fee payment, and the CTO receives 30%. In Track 3 payment split is 76% for the practice and 24% for the CTO.
  • All participating practices will receive care coordination and practice transformation support to meet the MDPCP requirements for advanced primary care.
  • View CTO Arrangements for 2023  (2024 coming soon) 

What Holy Cross Health Provides: