Clinical Services


Adult Day Care
Volunteers assist seniors or those with medical disabilities. They talk to them and engage with them in activities. Volunteers assist with lunch service.

Emergency Center
Volunteers offer comfort items to patients in their room. They talk to people in the waiting room. They will perform infection control around patient rooms and stock supplies with various items. They may run errands assigned by the nurses. Please note: this assignment is for volunteers 18 years and older.

Health Center
Volunteers escort patients into patient rooms and will check in any incoming patients. Fluent Spanish is required. 

Volunteers create lab slides, scan documents, and perform assigned clerical duties. Lab sciences experience mandatory. 

Medical Unit
Volunteers assist family members in finding a patient, restock supplies, engage with patients by bringing them any necessary supplies, and conduct basic cleaning in patient rooms, food stations and other locations. Departments at Silver Spring include Oncology, Surgical, Cardiology, Intermediate Care, General Medicine, Observation, and Joint/Spine. Germantown departments include General Medicine and Surgical.

Volunteers greet and assist people in helping sign up for medical procedures such as surgeries or ultrasound and help people get into rooms for financial counseling. Clinic volunteers assist nurses between patient appointments, tidy rooms, and file charts. Fluent Spanish is required. 

Volunteers create admission totes for the patients, perform sterilization, and may interact with kids. They stock rooms with various equipment and supplies. Early childhood education, child life education track or similar is prefered. 

Physical Health and Rehabilitation
Volunteers welcome patients, prepare hot and cold packets, change sheets, clean equipment, and transport patients. Volunteers should be enrolled in a physical therapy assistant or rehabilitation education program. 

Sterile Processing
Volunteers decontaminate and then sterilize equipment. They will bring equipment to the staff and run errands to the OR. This assignment requires the volunteer to have completed a sterile processing class.

Surgical Services
Volunteers provide patient and visitor support, help escort patients in and comfort families of patients. Volunteers assist nurses with various tasks

Women and Infant Services
Labor & Delivery: Volunteers manage mother-baby materials, greet patients and answer/make phone calls when necessary. 
Mother Baby/Maternity: Volunteers create mother-baby materials, answer/make phone calls when necessary, and support lactation consultants with patient education. 
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Volunteers assist nurses by restocking supplies for the babies. Volunteers who have completed our Cuddler training are able to rock babies. The Cuddler Program is highly sought over and there are not many daytime positions available.