Volunteers smiling at the camera

Holy Cross Health application process is open periodically. Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital Gift Shops are open year-round. Applications to serve in other areas will become available as there are openings. Check back periodically for updates. Previous volunteers are offered the opportunity to return prior to Volunteer Service considering new applications.

Volunteer Expectations

If I am accepted as a volunteer, I agree to:

  • Keep all information regarding patients/clients confidential.
  • Give permission for the Volunteer Services staff to discuss my work history and performance with those I have listed as supervisors and references and with my potential Holy Cross Health supervisor(s).
  • Sign in and out each day I volunteer/intern according to the protocol set up for my particulars area.
  • Intern/volunteer a minimum of 100 hours. I understand verbal or written verification of hours will only be given after I have contributed a minimum of 100 hours.
  • Be punctual and regular in attendance.
  • Notify my supervisor(s) in advance if I cannot work my schedule.
  • Wear the hospital I.D. badge and "business casucal" dress code while on duty. 
  • Purchase my own jacket (new -$30, used-$20) and wear it whenever on duty.
  • Not expect compensation or employment as a result of my work.
  • Provide my own transportation to and from the intern work site at my expense.
  • Notify my supervisor(s) and the Manager of Volunteer Services of my plan to resign at least two weeks in advance.
  • At the end of my last day, return to Volunteer Services the hospital I.D. badge.
  • Abide by Holy Cross Health policies and procedures.
University graduate and undergraduate students interested in internship opportunities with the Holy Cross Health Network are encouraged to click here for more information.

Online Applications

The following applications are open.

  • Adult Application - Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Holy Cross Health. Applications will reopen in the Fall of 2024. We appreciate your patience.  College students may consider Holy Cross Health Network internships by clicking here
  • Gift Shop Volunteers - Applications are now closed. Gift Shop applications cannot be used for volunteer requests in any other departments.
  • High School Volunteers - Summer 2024 high school applications have now closed.  Students who applied for Summer 2024 will be contacted by Volunteer Services in February with next steps, so please check your email regularly. We do not create a summer waitlist because of the demand from those who have already applied.  Please mark you calendar for January 2, 2025 at 3:30pm, when the applications will reopen for Summer 2025 and will remain open until close of business on January 31, 2025.  Thank you for your continued interest.