Discharge Information

Prior to Discharge
The checkout times of our patient areas vary. Check with your nurse to find out the checkout process on your unit. Please arrange for transportation home by the checkout time on the day of your discharge. If you have any questions about the discharge instructions you receive regarding your diet, medications and activities, ask your nurse.

Leaving the Hospital
Staff members are available to assist with discharge needs. For information, check with your nurse.

Post-Hospital Care Follow-up
Holy Cross Health and its partners will work with you for a successful transition from the hospital to home. Once home, you may have questions or concerns about your care. Some insurance companies, including Kaiser Permanente, home health agencies, our health centers or ReInforced Care™ (a specialized call center that works under the direction of Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital) may call you at home shortly after discharge to see if they can further assist you.

Patient Satisfaction Feedback
You may be contacted after discharge to get feedback on your experience while you were a patient. We’d greatly appreciate your participation. Our goal as a trusted health care provider is to be responsive to your needs, recognize caregivers who met your expectations and continually improve the care we provide.

Your Care After Discharge
Your care experience doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. Holy Cross Health offers a variety of care services provided to you in your home.

Home Care and Hospice: Holy Cross Home Care and Hospice, a member of Trinity Health at Home affiliated with Holy Cross Health, is a Medicare-certified agency. Services include home health; palliative care; around-the-clock, integrated virtual care; and hospice services for patients who need care at home. Home care services include skilled nursing; home health aides; medical social work; and physical, occupational and speech therapy under the direction of the patient's primary care physician. Palliative care is offered to home care patients who need assistance with pain and symptom management and/or would like assistance with their care goals. This care is provided by a palliative care nurse practitioner in the home.

Hospice services are available for patients who have an advanced, serious illness and/or are terminally ill. Care is given to respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. In collaboration with the patient’s physician, the agency provides patients with pain management and symptom control. We also give psychological, emotional, social and spiritual support for patients and their families. Through our volunteer assistance and healing bereavement services program, help is given to family members and loved ones grieving the loss of a loved one.

For more information, call 301-557-4663 (HOME), or a Home Care Coordinator can visit your hospital room to discuss these services.

House Calls: The House Calls program enables home-bound older adults to receive primary medical care at home. The nurse practitioner is specially trained and certified to provide comprehensive medical care, including examining and diagnosing patients, arranging for lab and other diagnostic services, and prescribing medications. Visits are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

For more information, call 301-754-7965 or 301-754-7849.