Get Started in Health Ministry


Starting a health ministry program begins with identifying a registered nurse, health professional or a prepared and knowledgeable lay leader who has a special interest in the integration of faith and health.

After securing the full support and engagement of the faith community’s leadership, that individual or their leader may contact the Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program. A designated faith community nurse coordinator will be available to provide start-up information to begin a health ministry as well as suggest strategies.

We also recommend completing an educational preparation course as a first step for entering the practice of faith community nursing (for registered nurses) or health ministry (for non-nurses). This is not required for partnership, but it is strongly recommended to build a viable and sustainable program.

National Health Ministry Resources

Watching a nine-minute presentation about the role of faith community nurses and the benefits they bring to communities of faith.

These resources are provided to assist you and not to endorse any particular entity, service, or event.

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