The Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program is a network of individuals and faith communities with interest in health ministry. We seek partnership with faith communities active in health ministry, along with registered nurses, lay leaders, faith leaders and anyone committed to the integration of faith and health in our communities.

Individual Partnership 

We extend an informal partnership opportunity to nurses and non-nurses of all faiths. By joining our email list, individuals become partners in our network and receive access to free resources, including our email communications, training programs and onsite library.

Faith Community Partnership 

Formal partnership with the Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program is open to all religious communities that are committed to promoting a holistic approach to wellness for faith community members and the community at large.

We invite all faith communities active in spiritual, mental and physical healing work to partner with us, including those with the following health ministry programs:

  • Faith community nursing
  • Health/wellness teams or initiatives
  • Lay care ministry (e.g., Stephen Ministry)
  • Congregational care ministry
  • Visiting ministry

Partnership Benefits and Commitment for Faith Communities 

Active partnership offers faith community health ministries an assigned faith community nurse coordinator and resources to help grow your ministry. Through our unique partnerships, the faith communities in our network are able to offer their members and communities tailored programs such as exercise classes, screenings, support groups and visitation programs.

Active faith community partners must have support from their leadership and commit to the following by way of a statement of agreement:

1) addressing congregational care needs through an intentional, holistic health ministry;

2) submitting quarterly reports of health ministry activities to the Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program; and

3) maintaining ongoing contact with the Holy Cross Faith Community Nurse Program.

Contact Us 

For more information, Call 301-754-7066, email, or sign up to join our network.