Diabetes Education Program

The Holy Cross Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Education Program provides information on a full range of lifestyle and clinical topics relating to diabetes, and is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for providing quality education and support. The classes are designed to help participants learn how to manage diabetes on a day-to-day basis in partnership with their healthcare provider.

Program education covers the following topics:

  • Diabetes overview
  • Stress and psychological adjustment
  • Family involvement and social support
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Medications
  • Blood glucose monitoring.
  • Prevention, detection and treatment of acute and chronic complications
  • Foot, skin and dental care
  • Behavior change strategies, goal setting, risk factor reduction and problem solving
  • Use of health care systems and community resources
  • Preconception care, pregnancy and gestational diabetes

Interactive classes are held weekly for four weeks and participants may choose to attend a daytime or evening class series. In addition to group classes, participants may meet individually with the instructor to learn how to use their blood glucose meter.

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, provide a benefit for this diabetes education program. The hospital can verify your benefits prior to your attending the first class.

Tips for Managing Diabetes

Watch Julia Mutter, registered dietitian, and Lucia Zegarra, faith community nurse program coordinator, discuss healthier food choices, education, and resources for managing diabetes.

For more information or to register, call 301-557-1231.