Financial Assistance

Providing a Financial Helping Hand


Financial Assistance Program

Holy Cross Health understands that health care can put a tremendous financial burden on families. That’s why we have developed a financial assistance program to reduce financial barriers to care for patients with no insurance or who are underinsured.

Our financial assistance policy is a systemic and equitable way to provide health services free of charge or at reduced charges to individuals who are unable to pay and who meet certain qualifications. The policy covers all medically necessary services provided at our hospitals and by our hospital-based physicians.

Patients must apply for financial assistance—and decisions are made based on patients’ household income and assets.

Once patients are found to be eligible they remain eligible for assistance for six months. They don’t have to reapply each time they are hospitalized.

Patients may learn more and apply for assistance through our Financial Assistance Program or call our financial counselors at 301-754-7195 for Holy Cross Hospital or 301-557-6195 at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital.