Credentialing Information

A Message from the Chief Clinical Officer

Griffin L. Davis, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
Holy Cross Health

Thank you for your interest in Holy Cross Health.

Physicians interested in joining the Medical and Dental staff at Holy Cross Hospital or the Medical Staff at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital must complete and return a pre-application form. It will enable us to determine whether you are eligible to receive an application for medical staff appointment and clinical privileges.

You should be aware that Holy Cross Health has taken steps to assure that its medical and dental staff are of the highest quality. These steps include:

  • Except in rare circumstances, board certification by an American Board of Medical Specialties or American Osteopathic Board is required within five years of completion of training.
  • Careful consideration will be given to medical education and training.
  • In reviewing your application a great deal of attention will be paid not only to your clinical skills, but also your ability to work well with physicians, nurses, and others in a cooperative collegial atmosphere which is essential to the delivery of high-quality health care.
  • There will be interviews, not only to help us learn more about you but to enable you to learn more about our hospitals, the outstanding facilities and services they provide, and our expectations of those who practice here.
  • If your application is approved, your initial appointment will be to the provisional staff for the first two years. During that time, you will be expected to admit and treat a sufficient number of patients at the Hospital to permit a thorough evaluation of your clinical competence and ability to work with others. If at the end of your provisional appointment you have not had sufficient activity, your privileges may not be renewed.

Steps to Credentialing

  • If you would like to join us at Holy Cross Health, please return the completed pre-application form with a copy of your curriculum vitae to
  • If you have been determined eligible to apply, you will be sent a link from Trinity Health to begin the Credentialing Process. If there are any issues with login or accessing the credentialing application, please contact the Medical Staff office at 301-754-7230.
  • If you have been already accepted as part of our medical and dental staff, please be sure to view the Physician Orientation Guide for Holy Cross Hospital or Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, and fill in the form once you have completed the orientation.

We are confident that if you do decide to pursue membership on the Medical and Dental Staff at Holy Cross Hospital or the Medical Staff at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, and are accepted, you will find that we have outstanding facilities where your patients get the highest-quality care and an exceptional medical staff of which you will be proud to be a member.