Bringing Safe, Secure Health Care to Your Home

Using technology to connect patients with a medical professional, so they don’t have to be in person for an exam, isn’t a new idea. Telehealth, or virtual care, has been around for years. But many people who are used to visiting a doctor’s office or another facility for their primary and urgent care needs have not had a good reason or opportunity to try virtual care. Until now.

“We’re committed to caring for our patients where, when and how they need us most,” said Rhonique Shields, MD, vice president of medical affairs and practice operations, Holy Cross Health Network. “COVID-19 has been a major catalyst prompting more people to turn to telehealth. That meant providing our community with new, convenient avenues for accessing health care and wellness programming — from the comfort of home.”

Vilma Velasquez | Virtual Care Patient

Connecting with a trusted Holy Cross care provider has never been easier. “I received the same treatment and the same attention in a virtual video visit with my doctor as to when I see him in person. Plus, it saves time for me and I don’t have to take off from work to go to the doctor’s office.” -Vilma, Holy Cross Health Center patient

Making Virtual Care Easy

Holy Cross Health’s virtual care options allow patients to be treated by a physician or advanced practice provider using their phone, computer, or tablet to connect in real-time. Patients have the choice of calling ahead and scheduling a video visit with a provider. Or, for many common ailments, they can opt to start a Virtual Visit “on-demand” during working hours by answering questions online and getting a treatment plan often within an hour — with the option to use video with the provider if needed.

Erik Rivera, MD, is a primary care physician with Holy Cross Health Centers, who has been seeing his patients using video. “Telehealth is a gift to providers as well as patients. People are surprised by how personal it feels when I check in with them virtually,” he said. “I am still able to deliver high-quality care, answer questions, prescribe medications, and advise my patients on next steps to get or stay healthy.”


Treating Symptoms and Managing Wellness

While telehealth isn’t appropriate for emergency situations, patients can “see” a provider virtually for preventive care and annual wellness visits, to manage chronic conditions, or to address a variety of acute symptoms.

In addition to virtual care, community members also have embraced Holy Cross Health’s new virtual wellness classes — everything from fitness to disease management to support groups. “Participants appreciate our virtual programming as a way to stay connected during this time of physical distancing,” said Dr. Shields. “Offering these resources helps the body, mind and spirit, as our community navigates a more virtual ‘new normal.’”

Virtual care

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