(Silver Spring, Maryland) - On July 17, 2014, the Board of Directors of Holy Cross Health approved governing documents for the formation of the inaugural medical staff at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital and began the process to credential physicians, physicians' assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists and other members of the new medical staff. The new hospital will open October 1, 2014.

Edward Bersoff, Ph.D., chair, Holy Cross Health, expressed the board's appreciation to the Medical Staff Leadership Committee, a group of currently-and newly-affiliated community physicians, appointed by Kevin J. Sexton, President and CEO of Holy Cross Health, and ratified by the board, whose membership will comprise the new Medical Executive Committee and Credentials Committee of the Medical Staff of Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. "These volunteer physician leaders worked diligently to help form the inaugural medical staff,” said Bersoff. “The Board of Directors recognizes their service and is deeply grateful."

Kevin J. Sexton, president and CEO, Holy Cross Health, added "Beyond constructing the physical building, which is a major project in itself, opening a new hospital involves a range of clinical and non-clinical initiatives. The work of such committed community-based primary care and specialty physicians was essential to our ability to bring the range of hospital services needed to the communities served by Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. Their work will have a lasting impact."

Last October, Sexton appointed Doug Ryder, president, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. Also leading the effort to establish the new medical staff was Blair Eig, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, and Elizabeth Simpson, General Counsel of Holy Cross Health.


Holy Cross Health, founded in 1963 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, is a Catholic health care system that includes Holy Cross Hospital, the largest hospital in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, a new hospital, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, which will open October 1, 2014, and Holy Cross Health Network, which provides 30,000 primary health care visits annually and serves as the locus for physician and insurance relationships.