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World Class Gynecologic Surgery Right in Your Community

At Holy Cross Health, patients with gynecologic conditions who once would have required open surgery can now be treated with innovative minimally invasive surgery techniques.  We are a nationally recognized center for the development and use of these innovative surgical methods—and a leading training ground for surgeons from across the country.

Our program is focused on providing quality care—and offering treatment options that will result in our patients’ best possible outcomes.  Our team of gynecologic surgeons, urogynecologists and gynecologic oncology specialists have earned a reputation for innovation in surgical gynecology—and our program is one of the most experienced gynecologic surgery centers in the region.

Physicians from across the area refer their most complex cases to our team of gynecologic experts.  Today, nearly every gynecologic surgery patient at Holy Cross Health is a candidate for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

Experience and Expertise
Holy Cross Health's gynecologic surgery team performs more procedures each year than any other hospital or health system in Maryland—a level of experience and expertise that results in fewer complications and less hospital readmissions. 

Holy Cross Health is also a major research site for testing the most promising advances in gynecologic surgery—techniques that are quickly translated into care for our patients.

Pioneering Minimally Invasive Techniques
Our gynecologic surgeons have pioneered and refined many of these minimally invasive procedures, which we are using to treat even the most complicated cases:

  • In laparoscopic surgery, surgeons make as few as two small incisions (two-port surgery) through which they insert surgical instruments and a tiny video camera into the body. The camera shows an image of the surgical site on a video screen, which the surgeon monitors while performing the procedure. Instead of cutting though large areas of healthy tissue and muscle, incisions in minimally invasive surgery are only one-half to three-quarters of an inch long.  As a result, many women who undergo laparoscopic gynecologic surgery experience less pain, shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, faster recovery times and smaller scars.
  • During robotic surgery, small incisions are used to insert cameras and instruments—these tools are guided by the surgeon through robotic arms using the da Vinci® system. Our surgeons remain in complete control of the procedure without ever touching the patient's body. The robot replicates the surgeon's hand, wrist and finger movements into precise real-time movements. That means our surgeons can perform more intricate— and more delicate procedures—with much less tissue trauma, and patients can often be out of the hospital the very same day.

 The following treatments and procedures are performed at Holy Cross Health:


For more information about Gynecologic Surgery at Holy Cross Health, please fill out our brief contact form or call Stephanie Heller, program director at 301-754-7501.

To find a physician or to make an appointment, search the physician directory or call 301-754-8800.

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