Twin Girls: Making History at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital

In April, Bethany and Beatriz  delighted their parents, doctors and nurses alike when the duo became  the first set of twins born at the new Holy Cross Germantown Hospital.

Nunez.jpgThe event came after months of anticipation and advanced prenatal care for Alexa Nuñez whose  pregnancy was considered high risk due to her age, 38, and her twin  pregnancy. Complicating matters  further, one baby was in the breech  position and the other sideways.

“For the safest delivery, Alexa needed a C-section, scheduled in advance of her due date; her  newborns might possibly have required special neonatal care, as well,” explained her doctor,  Steven Maggid, MD, Holy Cross  Germantown Hospital, a board- certified OB/GYN.    

Three years ago, the Nuñez’s first baby, Bianca, was born at Holy Cross Hospital. This time around, Alexa  and her husband, Jordana, chose  to have the twins at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. The new hospital, which opened in October, offered everything Alexa wanted— the same expert care as Holy Cross Hospital, with all private maternity suites and flexibility in scheduling  her procedure.

“Everything is so new, clean and modern—they even have a specially dedicated C-section operating room,” says Alexa. “And everyone who worked there was great. One nurse in particular was so kind, taking care of me like I was a family member.”

V. Ashok Rangnath, MD, chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Holy Cross  Germantown  Hospital, says, “Holy Cross Germantown Hospital’s maternity unit is staffed around the clock by obstetricians, neonatologists  and anesthesiologists.”

The all private suites include a sleeper couch and a bassinet so  babies can stay with their moms right from the start. Amenities include free  Internet service and cable TV, along with room service, selected from an extensive menu. For Alexa, the home-like environment meant that her mother or husband could com-fortably spend every night with her during her three-day hospital stay.

When Beatriz initially developed mild jaundice and an irregular  heartbeat, a neonatologist was able  to test the baby’s heart with an  echocardiogram machine brought right into Alexa’s room. Happily,  both issues resolved themselves  without needing further care.

Had that not been the case,  however, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital is prepared with a fully-equipped Neonatal Unit for newborns who need a little extra  help or monitoring during their first few hours or days before they’re  ready to go home.  

The new hospital’s welcoming environment and convenient location, combined with Holy Cross Health’s deep experience in maternal and infant care, are attracting many  pregnant women from upper  Montgomery County.

With three healthy, young  daughters at home, Alexa knows she made the right decision when she selected Holy Cross Health to  deliver her babies—both times. She highly recommends the new Holy Cross Germantown Hospital to other families.

“Look how well it turned out for all of us!” she says today.

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