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Roberta Gosier

Roberta Gosier's four children, pictured above as youth and pictured below as adults.

Three Generations of Patients

I had three boys and a girl who, as the youngest, was a bit of a tomboy, probably out of self-defense!  While they were growing up, we were always making a trip to Holy Cross Hospital’s ER for one reason or another. Usually, the injuries weren’t particularly serious—falls from a fence or jungle gym, bad bumps and sprains, a few broken bones. 

But in the late 80s, my son Phil, then a teenager, really gave me a scare. We had a shower with a glass door and somehow he fell into it, breaking the glass and severely cutting his arm.  I nearly passed out at the sight.

Holy Cross fixed him up beautifully, but the damage was major enough to call for an overnight stay. To this day, Phil has a humongous scar on his arm, but luckily suffered no damage to his muscles or nerves.  Good thing, since he’s a professional artist!

More recently, my oldest son, Chris, and his young family were spending Thanksgiving with us from their home in Brooklyn, New York.  Their two-year-old, Sebastian, spiked a really high fever—106°—so we rushed him to Holy Cross.

Well, Sebastian wanted none of it, and kept telling all the nurses and doctors, ‘I’m all better now. I wanna go home.’ The staff, meanwhile, was wonderful, so kind, as they worked to get his temperature down so they could, indeed, comply with his wishes. 

I’ve used Holy Cross Hospital, as well, most notably for two hip replacements over the last decade or so.  And then in May 2012, I returned for knee replacement surgery.  

Over the years, every experience and encounter our family has had with Holy Cross Hospital has been good.  We’ve been fortunate that the hospital is so close to our home—it’s part of our family lore.

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