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Prenatal and Parenting Classes

There is a lot to learn about becoming a successful parent. That's why we offer a wide range of classes taught by registered nurses certified in childbirth education. You can discover what to expect during pregnancy, and what's likely to happen during labor and delivery of your baby. You can also learn how to care for your newborn.

Classes are also open to family members who would like to know more about the needs of new babies and their mothers.

Prenatal Classes

Holy Cross Health Prenatal Classes

A Baby? Maybe?
If you are planning a pregnancy soon or  just thinking about it, come learn about preconception planning — the do's and don'ts of a healthy pregnancy, including nutrition, exercises, lifetsyle changes and budgeting for a baby. Learn about our maternity services and take a tour. Register now.

Fertility Care Introductory Lecture
A lecture on the basics of FertilityCare™, a method of holistic fertility awareness that can benefit women from teens through the menopausal years. Register Now.

Prenatal Tour
Expectant parents are encouraged to a complimentary prenatal tour of the maternity centers at Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital about four-six weeks before their due date. Learn More.

Childbirth Just the Facts
Just the Facts of childbirth are covered in this discussion and lecture class.  Signs of labor, the process of labor, medical interventions, medications and pain management will be discussed. This course may be combined with Comfort Measures for those who desire preparation in the use of breathing, relaxation and comfort measures for the management of labor. This four-hour course is offered for parents who may not be able to fit a full childbirth class series into their schedule or who need a refresher class.  Registration is per couple. Register Now.

Childbirth Preparation
This prepared childbirth course provides evidence-based information on the process of labor and delivery to increase your confidence and lessen anxiety about the birthing process.  Additional topics include: the role of the partner, medical interventions, medications, cesarean birth and labor coping techniques (breathing, relaxation, positioning, massage etc).  Instructors are registered nurses who are certified childbirth educators. Lecture, discussion, videos and hands-on practice are included. Available formats to fit your schedule include:  two, three or four session series.  Registration is per couple. Registration options: Two-session Class | Three-Session Class | Four-Session Class

Online Childbirth Preparation Class
This is an alternative for parents who cannot attend a traditional childbirth preparation class, and includes information on pregnancy, labor and birth, hospital routines, pain relief, postpartum care, and newborn care and feeding. Learn More or Register Now.

Comfort Measures for Labor
This course focuses on non-medical methods to cope with labor.  Participants will learn and practice relaxation, positioning, breathing techniques, massage and other comfort techniques. This three-hour course can be combined with Just the Facts or used as a supplement to a full prepared childbirth class for those who desire further practice.  It can also be used as a refresher class.  Registration is per couple. Register Now.

Cesarean Birth
If you anticipate a surgical birth, this one-session, three-hour class will give you an overview of the reasons for Cesarean birth, the procedures of Cesarean birth, the role of partner, recovery and postpartum considerations.  Relaxation techniques will be shared and you will have opportunity to interact in this discussion and lecture format.  Registration is per couple. Register Now.

Getting Started with Breast-feeding
Breast-feeding is a natural process with many benefits for mom and baby.  This three-hour class will provide information to help you get off to a great start to nourish your baby.  Topics include: affirming the benefits, how breast-feeding works, latching on, positioning, and signs that baby is getting enough.  Partners are encouraged to attend.  Register Now.

Baby Care - Instructions for the First Weeks 
Transitioning to life as a parent brings many joys and challenges.  This class covers the basics of caring for your newborn.  Hands-on skills will be practiced: picking up and holding a baby, diapering, swaddling, bathing your newborn and an overview of feeding and burping techniques.  Discussion topics include: necessary supplies, safety in your home and car, sleeping and crying, when to call the doctor, early developmental milestones with some introductory ideas for play, and traveling with a baby.  This five-hour class is offered as an all day session or two shorter sessions.  Registration is per couple. Registration options: Two Sessions Over Two Weeks |Two Sessions During One WeekOne-Day Class

Prenatal Exercise
This six-class session is designed for the expectant mother at any stage of pregnancy. Includes stretching, muscle toning, and strength training, while incorporating cardiovascular work throughout. Register Now.

Prenatal Yoga
This multi-session course teaches breathing and relaxation techniques as well as postures for toning of muscles used during labor and delivery. Register Now.

Becoming a Father
Babies do not arrive with an instruction manual yet the unique role of a father has proven, life-long importance for your child.  This one-session, three- hour class, designed for expectant or new dads, will help get you off to a good start in this life-changing adventure.  Topics will include basic baby care and keeping your baby safe, what it means to be a father, the impact of your role in the life of your child, and adjustments to life with a child.  The discussions are facilitated by a childbirth instructor and whenever possible an experienced dad is invited to participate in the class.  Babies are welcome. Register Now.

Making memories, supporting the new parents, and keeping your grandbaby safe are just a few of the topics discussed in this two-hour class designed to give you an opportunity to explore your wonderful, new role.  Current trends in labor and delivery practices, infant care and feeding will be shared and a short (optional) tour of our maternity services will be provided. Register Now.

Sibling Class and Tour
Soon-to-be Big Brothers and Big Sisters will experience a short class and tour of the maternity suites to see where they will possibly meet their new sibling for the first time.  Age appropriate activities help children 3-10 share and prepare for baby's arrival.  A T-shirt announcing "I am a Big Brother" or "I am a Big Sister" is provided for each participant. Register Now.  

Post-Natal/Child Safety Classes

Infant CPR (Birth to 1 year)
Keeping your baby safe is a high priority for new parents.  Baby proofing, carseat safety, injury and choking prevention are discussed in this three-hour course designed for parents and adult family members.  A small group setting provides assistance as you learn the hands-on techniques for infant choking rescue and infant CPR.  This course is not intended for licensed childcare providers. Register Now.

Child CPR (age 1 to 8 years)
Whether your child is an explorer or an observer, it is important to create a safe environment for them to learn and grow.  Accident prevention, safety around vehicles and in your home, and the necessary techniques to rescue a choking child or perform child CPR are covered in this 3 hour course offered in a small group setting.  Intended for parents and family, this course is not suitable for licensed childcare providers. Register Now.

K.I.S.S. (Kids in Safety Seats)
Car seats are rented for a period of no more than 9 months or until your child is 26 inches long or weighs 20 pounds. You must attend a 30-minute class where you will view a short film and learn to properly use the car seat. Register Now.

Moms on the Move
This Yoga/Pilates class is designed for any mom who wants to say "bye-bye” to the baby weight! Take time for yourself and connect with other moms as you get fit. This six-session class combines yoga and pilates using breath with movement to ensure an empowering workout both mentally and physically. Focus on building strength while awakening those abdominal muscles you may not have felt in a while.  This class is for women at least six weeks past their delivery.  No Yoga/Pilates experience is necessary. Register Now.

Mother-to-Mother Connection
A discussion group for moms with babies up to 6 months. Register Now.

Postnatal Yoga/Pilates for Moms and Babies
A multi-session course designed for mothers and babies (6 weeks to 9 months). Includes postures, stretching, massage, relaxation and more. Register Now.

Interested in more Childbirth and Parenting Education Classes? See full list here.

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