Day Of Surgery

Guidelines for Your Child's Same-day Procedure or Surgery

  • Arrive two hours before the procedure, but no earlier than 6:30 a.m.
  • Check in at the hospital's main information desk, where you will be directed to the pediatric surgery clinic located on the second floor in the Women and Children's Outpatient Center.
  • Parent or legal guardian must sign a consent form for treatment and a surgical consent form.
  • No more than two adults may accompany the child.
  • Make arrangements for other children to be cared for at home.

Accompanying Your Child
One parent may be present during your child's anesthesia induction. Both you and your child may find it comforting if you remain in the room while anesthesia is being initiated.

The child must be 18 months or older, and the surgeon and anesthesiologist must agree the parent can be present.

Visitation After Surgery
After surgery, one parent may visit the child in Post Anesthesia Care Unit (commonly known as PACU). The PACU nurse will let you know when you can see your child. Before your child is discharged, the nurse will review the written post-operative instructions.

A nurse will contact you the day after your child's surgery to check on your child's progress.