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Order Therapeutic Drugs Levels

Step-by-step instructions on ordering and collecting Therapeutic Drug Levels such as Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Vancomycin, and Amikacin.

  1. When therapeutic drug level orders are entered into Powerchart, a task will be generated for the peak, trough or random test.  This task will appear on the Activities and Interventions Form.

  2. The test will not specify a date and time, but will read which medication dose the drug level is associated with followed by the word “task.”

    Vancomycin Peak & Trough with 3rd dose Task.

  3. Identify the dose associated with the lab draw by noting the order, date, and time. Then, refer to the MAR for the expected administration time.

  4. Communicate the date and time for the therapeutic level at nurse hand off until it is obtained. 

  5. If the drug level was ordered for a dose that is more than 24 hours in the future, the order may be auto-cancelled by the lab system. In this case, the nurse will need to cancel/reorder the test in order to print the specimen label.

Canceling or Reordering Therapeutic Drugs

  1. Select the drug level lab order when lab is due to be drawn.

  2. Right click on the lab order and select cancel/reorder.

  3. Select “Written” as the order communication type.

  4. Refresh.

  5. Select Activities and Interventions Form.

  6. Task off lab order.

  7. Tasking off will fire the order into Softlab and generate the label.

  8. Nurse collect units will draw their own specimen.

  9. Non-nurse collect units will call the lab to notify them that the test needs to be drawn.

IMPORTANT: Be careful NOT to task off on these drug levels before you cancel/reorder. The label may not print and Softlab may not see the order.

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