Order a Test in PowerChart

Step-by-step instructions on ordering a test in the PowerChart computer system. *NOTE: If you are ordering a therapeutic drug level (Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Vancomycin, Amikacin) please see Ordering Therapeutic Drugs.

  1. From the Table of Components to the left choose the Add icon

  2. Set the filter to Contains. This will ensure that the search word entered will be captured regardless of where in the order name the word lies.
  3. In the search field enter the test name or partial test name.

  4. Click on the desired order in the window that opens.
  5. The ordering physician window appears.
  6. Enter the physician’s name.
  7. Choose the drop down arrow to choose the appropriate communication type.

  8. Click on OK
  9. An order sentence window will open if the test is frequently ordered.
  10. Choose the appropriate order sentence from the list. All order sentences have order details pre-filled. For more information about Order Sentences, please see Order Priorities.


  11. Click on OK
  12. If Other is chosen, or if there is no order sentences for the chosen lab test, the order details must be chosen.
  13. Enter the collection priority from the drop-down list.


  14. If the test is routine, or a timed order, enter the frequency.
  15. Stat orders should not be entered for a future time. Labels for STAT orders print immediately, and will be collected within 30 minutes by the lab.

  16. For every lab order where there is a frequency, a duration (length of time for which the test will be ordered) must also be entered, or the order will continue to fire indefinitely until the patient is discharged.
  17. Enter the duration, and the duration unit.

  18. Click on Nurse collect, No if the blood collection will be performed by the nurse or physician.
  19. Click on Nurse collect Yes, if the blood collection will be performed by the lab. All non-blood collections are defaulted to nurse collect No.Nurse collect units do not have the option to designate nurse collect since all of their collections are defaulted to nurse collect. If the lab needs to collect blood on a nurse collect unit, nursing should contact the lab to come to the unit for the collection.

  20. Do not use the Additional Instructions/Comments field to send information to the lab. This area is not routinely checked by the lab. Please call the pertinent lab department if you need to communicate with the lab.
  21. Click on Sign to place the order.

  22. If a nurse collect order is placed, go to the Activities and Interventions tab in the Table of Contents. Once the specimen is collected, task off on the order by clicking on the far left window of the appropriate order. Once the order is tasked off the order will go to the lab system, and the specimen label will print to unit’s label printer.
  23. Refresh the window to submit the information.