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April 18, 2012

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President and CEO Kevin Sexton
Speaks During the Event  

Photos from the Event

Celebrating 100,000 Deliveries Since 2000
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(Silver Spring, Maryland) – Question: What does it take to reach 100,000 deliveries in 12 years?  Answer: It takes close to one baby being born every hour.  The Holy Cross Hospital Maternity Center has now been home to 100,000 deliveries since the year 2000 and this important milestone was acknowledged today with an event celebrating the moms, the hospital staff and the community that made it all possible. 

Kevin J. Sexton, president & CEO, thanked the hospital’s team of dedicated medical professionals and talked about the numerous renovations and investment in the maternity center that helped turn around a declining number of deliveries in the late 90’s. “Amazing things happened, because there was immigration and revitalization of the area around the hospital, we saw a change, the birthrate actually went up 26% which is 5 times as fast as the state as a whole.”

The crowd included about a dozen moms and their children who were delivered at Holy Cross Hospital since 2000.  Sexton addressed them specifically about what 100,000 means in terms of community confidence in the hospital and its services. “It’s really not about a number, it’s about each family individually having the experience of a lifetime.  This milestone reflects the confidence you have in us. We take that role very seriously.”

100,000 in Perspective

  • There is only one city in Maryland that has a population greater than 100,000 (Baltimore). If Holy Cross Hospital's deliveries since 2000 were a city, it would be the second largest city in Maryland!
  • When developer James W. Rouse revealed plans in 1963 to build a "new city" in Howard County, he predicted that it would have more than 100,000 residents by 1980. Nearly five decades later; Columbia is getting close to 100,000 and is expected to reach that goal within the next few years. If Holy Cross Hospital's deliveries since 2000 were a city, it would have outpaced the growth of Columbia, Maryland!
  • The next closest hospital in Maryland won't reach the 100,000 delivery milestone until the year 2020!

Most Babies Born Since 2000 will Hit 100 

Most babies born in rich countries this century will eventually make it to their 100th birthday, new research says. Danish experts say that since the 20th century, people in developed countries are living about three decades longer than in the past. Surprisingly, the trend shows little sign of slowing down.

What Do You Call Children Born from 2000 to the Present?
The jury is still out but they have been referred to as "Homelanders"or "GenNexters."

Born since 2000 - Things They'll Likely Never Experience

  1. A Walkman
  2. Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR
  3. A world without "Reality" TV
  4. Floppy discs
  5. Doing homework using an encyclopedia
  6. Phone booth/ Pay phones
  7. When Spam was just another meat product
  8. Putting film in a camera
  9. Having to remember a phone number
  10. Having to manually unlock a car door or physically wind down a car window

Holy Cross Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Maryland. Founded nearly 50 years ago, today Holy Cross Hospital is a 455-bed, not-for-profit teaching hospital serving Montgomery and Prince George's counties and caring for more than 188,000 patients each year. The hospital is a member of Trinity Health of Novi, Mich., one of the largest health systems in the country.

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