About our Maternity Services

Holy Cross Health delivers what mothers and babies need most from a maternity hospital: sophisticated and compassionate care. Our team of specially trained maternity experts is focused on helping you every step of the way through pregnancy and birth.

Each year, more than 8,500 babies are born at Holy Cross Hospital and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. Holy Cross Hospital delivers more babies and cares for more newborns with complex medical issues than any other hospital in Maryland or the District of Columbia . That same quality of maternity services is found at Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, expanding access to the outstanding maternity commitment, skill and expertise for which Holy Cross Hospital is known.

Holy Cross Health offers services that begin at the start of your pregnancy with prenatal care—and continue to post-birth care for mother and child. Our maternity centers offer the comfort of all private labor and delivery rooms, and maternity suites with basinets for baby.

Women requiring special care, because of age, a medical condition or because they are expecting multiple births, have access to the team of experts at our Perinatal Diagnostic Center.

For women who require hospitalization during their pregnancies, our High-Risk Perinatal Center provides expert 24-hour-a-day care.And if their babies are born with medical problems, they have the added benefit of our neonatal units — Holy Cross Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit cares for more newborns with complex medical issues than any other hospital in the region, and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital's Special Care Nursery is a a fully-equipped Neonatal Unit for babies born without complex medical problems, but who need initial help for breathing problems.

Holy Cross Health also offers a host of classes taught by registered nurses certified in childbirth education, in English and Spanish. These classes help parents, siblings and grandparents prepare for pregnancy and a new addition to the family. Topics range from what to expect during labor and delivery—to baby care and breast-feeding. Check out a complete listing of available classes.