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Awareness Quiz

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1. If I am accepted as a volunteer, I agree to give a minimum of ________ hours * 

2. If I cannot work my scheduled time, I should: * 

3. The hospital I.D. should be worn at chest level, so that it is visible and readable. * 

4. Each day that I volunteer, I should sign in and out on one of the sign-in computers * 

5. If there is any change in my name, address and/or telephone number, I should * 

6. While on volunteer duty, the dress code is business casual. * 

7. The single most effective step in preventing infection is * 

8. In the event of a fire, RACE! Stands for * 

9. In the event of a fire, I should close all doors and call 2-2222. * 

10. In the state of Maryland, all members of the health care team are required by law to report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult to local child protective. * 

11. Physical indicators of abuse or neglect are * 

12. In working with the frail individual in late adulthood, (age 70-death), it is important to consider: * 

13. Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke includes SUDDEN: * 

14. If you notice someone with symptoms of a stroke, you should immediately dial 2-2222 and state the location of the patient. * 

15. Wearing gloves appropriately includes * 

16. Hepatitis and HIV Infection are transmitted by toilet seats. * 

17. HIPAA applies to everyone in the workforce, even volunteers, part-time workers and staff who do not come into contact with patients or patient information. * 

18. It’s ok to share Protected Health Information with the friends or neighbors of a patient if you all belong to the same church group. * 

19. HIPAA compliance means that conversations about patients should be avoided in public places such as hallways, elevators, and cafeteria. * 

20. A Code Purple overhead page indicates there is an active shooter on the property. * 

21. Security Officers are the only people that should respond to the location of the Code Purple. * 

22. If confronted with a person holding a gun, I need to accept that a violent incident is occurring, try to remain calm and assess what is going on as quickly as possible. * 

23. If I find myself involved in an active shooter situation, I should call 911 or 2-2222 as soon as possible and state my location, number of people, number of shooters, number and types of injuries, and identity of shooter, if known. * 

24. When the Police officers arrive, it is important that I keep my hands visible at all times. * 

25. As soon as it is safe to do so, I should evacuate in the direction from which the officers are entering, or as instructed by the Police officer, leaving my personal belongings behind. * 

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