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Volunteer Service Excellence Agreement

Holy Cross Hospital is striving for Service Excellence, which requires consistency in terms of staff expectations for service delivery and accountability. As a volunteer of Holy Cross Hospital we ask that you complete the service excellence agreement below.

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1. As a volunteer of Holy Cross Hospital, I commit to Service Excellence and agree to be held accountable to certain skills and behaviors that have been identified for me in my specific role at Holy Cross Hospital. * 

2. I understand and am clear that I will greet each patient, employee or other individual with a pleasant disposition.  * 

3. Regarding patient and visitor interactions, I understand and am clear that: 

a. During my first patient interaction I will introduce myself by name and role; * 

b. I will clearly explain what they can expect of me during each interaction; * 

c. I will listen actively and inquire if they have any questions about the interaction and/or the tasks I performed during each interaction; * 

d. I will close every interaction by summarizing the interaction and asking if there is anything more I can do * 

e. If there are subsequent/series visits to the patient I will end the interaction with a positive salutation for example; Have a great evening, we will see you tomorrow.  * 

f. Upon discharge or transfer of care/handoff I will thank the patient for allowing Holy Cross Hospital to participate in their care.  * 

4. Regarding all interactions, I understand that the following actions are barriers to Service Excellence overall and to providing patient-centric service excellence in particular, and I commit to NOT engaging in these behaviors: 

a. Use of personal electronic devices while in public view (e.g., cell phones, laptops, iPads, MP3 players); * 

b. Reading of non-work materials while in public view (e.g., magazines, books, Internet); * 

c. Not adhering to the Appearance Policy (e,g.,inappropriate fitting uniform, dirty or with under clothes showing-low waist, inappropriate placement of name badge); * 

d. Loud or vulgar tone or inappropriate personal communications; * 

e. Lack of sense of urgency or imparting compassion.  * 

f. Attitude not respectful of peers. * 

5. I understand and agree that we strive for “Every patient safe. Every patient satisfied. Every employee engaged.” I commit to and remain accountable for Service Excellence as described above. * 

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