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Teresa Wright

You Never Know Whom You'll Meet

Teresa Wright (Seated) and Karen Baxter, employees

My mother-in-law worked in dietary at Holy Cross Hospital for years and was always encouraging me to apply for a job here. In October 2000, I finally got an interview for a part-time position in telecommunications.

Well, I guess my recruiter saw something in me because he suggested that I apply for another opening instead: working full-time at the front desk in Human Resources. So he scheduled an interview for that position for the following Monday at 9 a.m.

The day of my appointment, I got to the hospital early and was in the ladies’ room, checking on my hair, when a woman came in with a huge wet spot on her blouse. She was upset, since she was starting a new job that morning and wanted to make a good impression. I suggested that she stand in front of the blow dryer, which did the trick. We chatted for a few more minutes, and I confessed I was a little nervous about my upcoming interview. She told me to relax, that I would be fine, and she left.

She was right. After the recruiter talked to me about the position, he said he wanted me to meet the person whom I’d be reporting to directly. And then proceeded to introduce me to Holy Cross Hospital’s new manager of recruiting, Karen Baxter—the woman from the restroom! It was her first day, I was her first applicant and, as it turns out, her first hire.

Karen used to tell that story during orientation to remind new employees that they never know whom they’re going to meet…or where! Since then, I’ve moved on, to Accounting and then Financial Clearance. But I’ll never forget that eventful, and funny, day.

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