Seniors Inpatient Services

Senior Acute Care: Patient-Centered, Focused on the Needs of Older Adults

Through Holy Cross Hospital’s inpatient services for seniors, our team delivers top quality, patient-centered acute care to our community’s older adults.  We understand that hospitalization can be a difficult, frightening—even disorienting—experience for older patients. That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of our inpatient services to help reduce anxiety, promote comfort and ensure the safety of every patient. 

Senior Inpatient Services - Holy Cross Hospital - Silver Spring, MDWe’ve combined nationally recognized models of geriatric patient care, specialized geriatric nursing care and advanced hospital technology to develop a unique program of acute care for elders that promotes each patient’s best possible outcome.

We carefully consider each patient’s special needs—everything from mobility problems to memory loss—and design a plan of care tailored to the individual.  And we put a premium on open communication between our care team and patients, their physicians, family and friends.

What makes Holy Cross Hospital’s Senior Acute Care the right choice for you?