Virtual Care

Virtual Care Connects Patients to Specialized Treatment Around the Clock

No matter the time of day or night, patients at Holy Cross Hospital have access to neurological specialists who provide expert - and immediate - evaluation and diagnosis through Virtual Care.

Leveraging advances in medical technology and the power of today's vast communications network, Holy Cross Hospital connects its patient care team members with one another, with the patient's primary care physician, with experts from around the country and even with family members-for the best possible care in real-time.

The team uses commonly available tools, such as web-based video conferencing and instant messaging, to share information and to bring people together from around the corner, or from across the country. They collaborate in patient care - connections that improve outcomes for patients with brain and spine illness or injury.

Transmitting Test Results Digitally: Test results, such as X-rays and CT scan images, are transmitted using these tools, allowing the hospital's team to confer with other specialists for second opinions and to communicate with the patient's primary care physician.

Connecting Families to the Patient and Care Team: These tools can also connect patients with their families for face-to-face consultation about medical history, and for real-time participation in important treatment decisions. These direct links also help to support and reassure patients at a time when they may be worried and uncertain about next steps.

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