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Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team


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A diagnosis of cancer is not just a medical problem. It can affect every part of your life-how well you feel, how hopeful you are about recovery, how much of your former life you can still maintain - and it also has an impact on the lives of your family members and loved ones. At Holy Cross we believe that the best cancer care is coordinated care that takes into account all the changes - physical, emotional, and psychological -that can happen as the result of a cancer diagnosis.

For that reason, we take a team approach to cancer care, coordinating your care within an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals who work together to plan and implement your treatment.

Your primary care physician leads your treatment team. In addition to your own personal physician, your cancer care team may include other board-certified radiology, hematology, oncology, surgery, nephrology, internal medicine, neurology and gastroenterology specialists.

Our team approach to cancer care at Holy Cross Hospital includes the following disciplines:

  • Medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists provide an interdisciplinary approach to cancer care management.

  • Oncology Nurses administer chemotherapy and other intravenous (IV) therapies as well as emotional support. Licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants provide supportive care around the clock.

  • Oncology Clinical Research Team works closely with the medical staff to pinpoint opportunities for participation in clinical trials that may be testing the latest, state-of-the-art drugs and therapies.

  • Pain Management Team provides a variety of analgesic treatments to relieve cancer pain.

  • Social Workers and Case Managers coordinate financial and insurance matters, home care needs and other issues surrounding the transition from hospital to home.

  • Pastoral Care Providers and On-Call Clergy are ready to offer emotional and spiritual support.

  • Food and Nutrition Staff develops diets to help ease the nausea and loss of appetite that sometimes accompanies cancer treatments.

  • Home Care Program Skilled Nursing Services allow patients to receive care at home during times of illness and recovery.

  • A Psychiatric Liaison Nurse is specially trained to provide options for social and psychological support.

  • Pharmacists work with your physician to ensure that your treatment is safe and effective.

  • At-Home Hospice Care, which includes basic medical care and emotional support, is available for patients in the final stages of terminal illness.

In addition, there are numerous individuals working to support patients at Holy Cross throughout their treatment and recovery:

  • Medical Imaging Experts use the most up-to-date techniques, including mammography, CT scans, nuclear medicine studies such as PET, ultrasound, and MRI to accurately pinpoint tumors and cancerous tissue.

  • Radiation Therapy Technologists deliver accurate radiation therapy doses prescribed by radiation oncologists.

  • Physical and Rehabilitation Therapists instruct in physical, speech, and occupational therapies.

  • Cancer Registry Staff works with you to ensure that Holy Cross has the most current information for conducting patient follow-up.
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