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Meet Our People

Perhaps one of the best ways to learn what it's like at Holy Cross Hospital is to meet some of our own employees. We invite you to read what they have to say.

Sheryl L. Clements
Nurse Practitioner, Pain Management

About Holy Cross Hospital in general:
"The hospital has a great reputation. Everyone says that: patients and their families, the physicians and nurses who work here...everyone."

The best thing about the job:
"For me, it's not necessarily the clinical aspect, although that is satisfying. But even more special is just talking to patients. Listening to them. Helping them manage their pain. Just being there as support. I know they really appreciate what I do."

The best moment:
"It was a small gesture that had a big impact on me. A patient was stroking my hand, bravely smiling through the pain, and thanking me for just listening."

Fitting into your personal life:
"I was able to apply for a part-time position which enables me to have more time for my family and also pursue other aspects of my nursing career. There are always choices at Holy Cross."

The working environment:
"Holy Cross is a well respected, multicultural hospital that encourages communication, supports career advancement and most importantly, values the talents of its staff. Everyone here is highly skilled and competent."

Everyone is there for you:
"Everyone is wonderful about listening to your needs and finding ways to help. Managers are always ready to assist. And if they can't provide an answer or solve the problem, they'll find someone who can. It demonstrates just how much we care about each other here. That's really special."

Claudia Chavez
RN III, Float Pool/Labor & Delivery/OB GYN Clinic

What everyone says about Holy Cross Hospital:
"I have friends who have been patients here and they only have great things to say about the nurses and the care they received."

Starting here:
"The orientation I received was very thorough. And there are always knowledgeable personal mentors and role models to help with anything you might need or any question you might have."

Having a family and being a nurse:
"It's easy to do both here. The flexibility of shifts and hours makes it great for a working mom like me. We also do self scheduling here, which means more opportunity for better work-life balance."

Working in a teaching hospital:
"I love it. The nurses learn from the residents and the residents learn from the nurses. It's very energizing. And it's nice to always have an MD right there."

About career growth:
"Holy Cross provides ample opportunities and great funding for programs that further your career, from pursuing your advanced degree to completing simple continuing education credits and hours. Also, there are plenty of growth opportunities through the clinical advancement ladder."

Being changed:
"I just look back to where I've come from, what I've been able to accomplish, and how many lives I've been able to touch. This is a place that will make you want to stay. You enter as an individual but work as a team. It's all so incredible."

Raj Singh
Guest Services Representative, Patient Registration

Best part of the job:
"I like interacting with people. I greet and direct everyone who comes to visit the hospital, and help in any way I can. It's a very positive situation."

About work-life balance:
"With my schedule, I am able to spend time in the morning assisting my mother who is ill. My manager is very flexible and accommodating. That makes everything easier."

Education and career growth:
"Holy Cross is an excellent place to advance your career. There are lots of opportunities to grow and learn. I've attended several workshops, seminars and classes. Plus, the tuition assistance is great."

Feels like home:
"I feel very comfortable here. I always have. The initial orientation I received was very informative and helpful. There is so much to learn and do. The environment is multicultural...We're involved in the community... You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by exploring a career here."



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