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Medication Safety

Medication Safety for Seniors is a Top Priority

Medication Safety for Seniors | Holy Cross HospitalHoly Cross Hospital has created a unique patient safety culture to protect our geriatric patients from unintentional accidents, including adverse drug interactions.  We know that older patients often have multiple health problems that require a number of medications, which can leave them vulnerable to adverse drug interactions, and dangerous drug contraindications.

That’s why our pharmacy department has developed a number of patient safety initiatives to ensure the safe administration of medications:

  • As a standard part of our inpatient services, a pharmacist reviews the home medications of every hospitalized patient over age 65. 

  • We’ve adopted the latest hospital technology to ensure medication safety for older adults, including:

    • An automated adverse drug event alert system that issues a warning when a potentially dangerous drug or combination of drugs has been ordered
    • Drug infusion “smart pumps” that ensure the safety of drug delivery by alerting clinicians when drug doses ordered are outside of the normal range

  • Our care team discusses all new drugs or doses of medications with our patients’ physicians to ensure safe transitions home after hospitalization.
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