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MammoSite Radiation Therapy

Holy Cross Hospital was the first in Suburban Maryland to Introduce MammoSite Radiation Therapy. The MammoSite Radiation Therapy System (RTS) is a revolutionary radiation therapy for breast cancer. Following a lumpectomy, MammoSite delivers a more intense treatment over a shorter period of time, reducing the length of treatment time from six weeks to about one week - and letting women return to their lives sooner.

Approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, MammoSite delivers radiation therapy internally, immediately following a lumpectomy. The RTS device is inserted into the space left after a cancerous tumor is surgically removed and allows radiation to be delivered from inside that space. With great accuracy, RTS concentrates the radiation dose on the area of the breast at highest risk for tumor recurrence, all the while preserving healthy breast tissue.

Radiation therapy with the MammoSite RTS is given on an outpatient basis at Holy Cross Hospital Radiation Treatment Center over a four- or five-day period. Once the catheter is inserted into the breast cavity at Holy Cross Hospital, a radioactive seed is placed into the catheter on an outpatient basis using a high-dose-rate radiation device. The seed targets the radiation to the area where tumors are most likely to recur, while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue.

Traditionally, patients undergo outpatient radiation therapy five days a week, for six to eight weeks. With MammoSite, radiation is delivered inside the lumpectomy cavity twice a day, for about 20 minutes each treatment, over four or five consecutive days. This abbreviated but highly effective treatment allows women to return to their lives - and begin the healing process - quicker than ever.


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