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March 5, 2012

Holy Cross let's Talk Babies: Celebrating 100,000 Deliveries Since the Year 2000.Over the weekend, Holy Cross Hospital reached 99,000 deliveries since 2000. This means, we are 1,000 deliveries away from 100,000 Deliveries Since 2000!

 We will celebrate 100,000 deliveries since 2000 during April. But today, we are launching an e-campaign on our Holy Cross Let's Talk Babies Facebook page. We are encouraging moms who delivered here since 2000 to share their stories and photos of their children, and to participate in the conversation to help us celebrate.

How big is this milestone?

  • There is only one city in Maryland that is bigger than 100,000. So, if Holy Cross Hospital's deliveries since 2000 were a city, it would be the Second Largest City in Maryland!
  • The next closest hospital in Maryland won't reach the milestone of 100,000 Deliveries Since 2000 until 2020!

Please look for more to come as we celebrate 100,000 Deliveries Since 2000. And please, pass the word and join the conversation.

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