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Breast Cancer Detection & Diagnosis

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At Holy Cross Hospital Breast Center, the very latest technologies quickly and accurately detect and diagnose possible breast problems, including breast cancer. These tests also help your doctor determine the best treatment plan for your diagnosis and gauge how well your treatment may be working.

The Holy Cross Hospital Breast Center and our specially-trained radiologists and technologists offer the most advanced diagnostic tests available today, including the following procedures:

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Services | Holy Cross Hospital | Cancer Institute.jpgDigital mammography — An X-ray of the breast is recorded in a digital format and used to diagnose unusual breast changes, such as a lump, pain, nipple thickening or discharge, or a change in breast size or shape. If abnormalities are detected on a screening mammogram, a follow-up diagnostic mammogram may be recommended.

Ductogram — A contrast agent is injected  into the breast duct to view the ducts on a  mammogram image to diagnose abnormal  nipple discharge.

Breast ultrasound exam — Sound waves  are used to create an image of the breast to determine if a breast lump is caused by a fluid-filled cyst or a solid mass, such acancer.

Ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy — A biopsy uses a hollow needle to remove some cells from a suspected breast tumor, allowing the cells to be examined under a microscope. Ultrasound-guided biopsy is performed on abnormal areas that are too small to be felt. In a stereotactic biopsy, special mammography equipment is used to guide the doctor to the location of the abnormal growth.

Breast cyst aspiration — A small needle is used to drain fluid fom a breast cyst.

Breast MRI —  Images of the breast are created using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. Breast MRI often is used in addition to mammography and breast ultrasound exams to aid the radiologist in looking for tumors when a diagnosis of breast cancer is suspected or has been made.

MRI Guided Biopsy Modality — A procedure that uses computer technology to guide a needle to an abnormality seen on MRI.

Let Holy Cross Hospital Cancer Institute help you. Call 1-855-HCH-HOPE (424-4673) for all your breast cancer care needs.

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