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 Welcome to Holy Cross Hospital
       Contact Us
            Telephone Numbers
       Notice of Privacy Practices
       Site Map
       Terms of Use/Online Privacy
       About Us
            50th Anniversary
                 50th Anniversary Citations and Proclamations
                 50th Anniversary Events
                 50th Anniversary Stories
                      Community Members
                           Barbara Brown
                           Gail and Paul Katz
                           Kathleen Mayer Bovello
                           Roberta Gosier
                      Current and Former Employee Stories
                           Ari-Moshe Hernandez
                           Charlie Garcia
                           Claudia Schreiber
                           Elba Bigelow
                           Ingeborg Markowitz
                           Jason Colton
                           Joyce Buckley
                           June Morgenstern
                           Letitia Henry
                           Shirley Nastick Creed
                           Sony O'Halloran
                           Teresa Wright
                      Current and Former Physicians
                           Ira Brecher, MD
                           John P. Haberlin, M.D.
                           Mark G. Roddy, MD
                           Ronald Pomerantz, MD
                      Employee Videos
                      Sisters of the Holy Cross
                           Sister Jean Andre Fannon
                           Sister Maurita Hartney
                 Commemorative Artwork
                 Commemorative Book
                 Historical Newsletters
                 Historical Timeline
                 The Future
            A Great Place To Work
            A Teaching Hospital
            Awards and Recognition
            Holy Cross Germantown Hospital
                 About Holy Cross Germantown Hospital
                 Construction Camera
                 Economic Impact
                 Medical Office Building
                 Meeting Local Needs
                 Sign Up/Comments Form
            Holy Cross Health Board of Trustees
            Holy Cross Health Leadership
            Holy Cross Health Magazines
                 Holy Cross Health
                 Holy Cross Health Today
                 Magazines Archive
                 Patient Stories
                      Bariatric Surgery
                           Bariatric Surgery: Jack and Muriel's Story
                           Bariatric Surgery: Lisa's Story
                      Brain and Spine Surgery
                           Brain Surgery: Beanie's Story
                           Brain Surgery: Curtis' Story
                           Brain Surgery: Marie's Story
                           Brain Tumor Surgery: Carol's Story
                           Brain Tumor Surgery: Jeremiah's Story
                           Brain Tumor Surgery: Rose's Story
                           Deep Brain Stimulation: Carolyn's Story
                           Neurosurgery: Carol's Story
                           Neurosurgery: Yusuf's Story
                           Spine Surgery: Arati's Story
                           Spine Surgery: Basil's Story
                           Spine Surgery: Joy's Story
                           Spine Surgery: Raquel's Story
                           Spine Tumor Surgery: Meylinn's Story
                      Breast Cancer
                           Breast Cancer: Felitia's Story
                           Breast Cancer: Lisa's Story
                           Breast Cancer: Marian's Story
                           Breast Cancer: Serena's Story
                           Epilepsy: Michael's Story
                           Epilepsy: Robert's Story
                           Epilepsy: Sandy's Story
                           Epilepsy: Sean's Story
                      Gynecologic and Urogynecological Surgery
                           Gynecologic Surgery: Joyce's Story
                           Gynecologic Surgery: Joycelyn's Story
                           Urogynecologic Surgery: Terri's Story
                      Joint Replacement
                           Hip Replacement: John's Story
                           Knee Replacement: Arnetta's Story
                           Knee Replacement: Carol's Story
                           Knee Replacement: Napoleon's Story
                           Knee Replacement: Sam's Story
                      Maternity and Pediatrics
                           Congenital Heart Disease Screening: Amani's Story
                           Multiples and High Risk Pregnancy: The Hutchcrofts' Story
                           Multiples and High Risk Pregnancy: The Shah's Story
                           Multiples and High Risk Pregnancy: The Vayal's Story
                           Multiples and High Risk Pregnancy: Wonil and Jiyoung's Story
                           NICU: Baby Zadie's Story
                           Medical Adult Day Center: Hanna's Story
                           Senior Source: Clyde's Story
                           Seniors Emergency Center: Annie's Story
                           Seniors Emergency Center: Donna's Story
                           Seniors Emergency Center: Mya's Story
                           Seniors Surgery Center: Catherine's Story
                           Seniors Surgery Center: Helene Hill's Story
                      Stroke Care
                           Stroke Care: Don's Story
                           Stroke Care: Edgardo's Story
                           Stroke Care: Watch Kelly's Story
                      Transitional Care
                 Subscribe To Our Magazines
            Holy Cross Hospital Expansion
            Mission, Values and Role
            Multicultural and Interpretation Services
            News and Announcements
                 Holy Cross Hospital Media Center
            The Professional Community Education Center
            A Full Range Of Benefits
            Career Opportunities
                 For Allied Health Professionals
                 For Experienced Nurses
                 For Nurses and New Grads
                 PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program
                      Application Process
                      Pharmacy Residents
                      Program Benefits
                      Program Requirements
            Choose Holy Cross Hospital
                 A Teaching Hospital
                 Living In The Area
                 Meet Our People
                 Our Journey Toward Magnet Recognition
                 Regional Reach and Fit
            Education, Training and Advancement
            For Physicians & Staff
            Investing In Our Employees
            Receive Holy Cross Germantown Hospital Job Alerts
            Search Or Apply For Jobs
       Classes & Events
       Community Involvement
            Community Benefit Implementation Plan
            Community Benefit Report
            Community Health Needs Assessment
            Faith Community Nurse Program
            Financial and Insurance Assistance Information
            Healthy Montgomery
            IRS Form 990 Schedule H
            Kid’s Fit
            Komen Community Assistance Mammogram Program
            OB/GYN Clinics
       Find a Physician
       For Physicians & Staff
            For Physicians
                 Clinical Resources
                      Institutional Review Board
                      Medical Library
                 For New Physicians
                      Physician Orientation Guide
                 For Surgeons
                 Medical Education
                      Continuing Medical Education Program
                      GATE Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery Training
                      Grand Rounds Schedule
                 Physician Resources
                      Contact Us
                      Physician Referral Service
            For Staff
                 Career Search
                 Education, Training and Advancement
                 Investing In You
                 Kronos for Timekeeping and Scheduling
                 My Benefits Portfolio
                 My Self Service
       Healthy Living
            Health Information
                 Cancer Center
                 Care Guides
                 Decision Assist
                 Drug Interaction Tool
                 Drug Notes
                 Health News
                 Health Risk Assessments
                 Heart Center
                 Men's Center
                 Neurology Center
                 Orthopedics Center
                 Pediatric Center
                 Senior Center
                 Wellness Tools
                 Women's Center
            Healthy Recipes
       Patients & Visitors
            For Patients
                 Affordable Health Insurance
                 Appointment Scheduling
                 Financial Information and Assistance
                 Hospital Amenities
                 Making Decisions About Care
                 My Medications List
                 Online Patient Pre-Registration
                 Patient Rights and Responsibilities
                 Preparing For Surgery Guide
                 Registration & Discharge
                 Request Your Medical Records
                 The DAISY Award - Nominate a Nurse
                 Virtual Visiting
            For Visitors
                 Food Service
                 Gift Shop
                 Normas De Visita
            Our Facility
                 Cell Phone Policy
                 Computer Use and Wireless Internet Access
                 Hospital Parking
                 Maps & Directions
                 No Smoking Policy
                 Public Transportation
       Programs & Services
            Bariatric Surgery
                 Bariatric Surgery FAQs
                 Health Insurance
                 Information Sessions and Support Groups
                 Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For You?
                 Minimally Invasive Surgery Options
                 Our Expert Team
                 Post Surgery Dietary Adjustments
                 Post Surgery Guidelines
                 Preparing for Surgery
                      Preparing for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery
                      Preparing for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery - Information for Kaiser Permanente Patients
            Cancer Institute
                 Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Clinical Trials
                      Gastrointestinal Clinical Trials
                      Gynecologic Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Head and Neck Cancer Clinical Trial
                      Lung Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Lymphoma Clinical Trials
                      Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials
                      Radiation Therapy Clinical Trials
                      Renal Cell Cancer Clinical Trials
                 Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
                      Diagnostic Imaging
                      Screening Services
                 Cancer Survivor Stories
                 Family & Patient Cancer Support Services
                      Cancer Tools & Resources
                      Hospital-based Programs & Services
                      Support Groups & Programs
                 Lung Cancer Screening Program
                 Our Approach to Cancer Care
                      Cancer Prevention and Wellness
                      Community Outreach
                      Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team
                 Our Cancer Specialties
                      Breast Cancer
                           Breast Cancer Detection & Diagnosis
                           Breast Cancer Treatment Options
                           Breast Center Team
                           Nurse Navigators
                      Gynecologic Cancer
                           Gynecologic Cancers We Treat
                      Lung Cancer
                           Lung Care Team
                      Other Cancer Types
                      Prostate Cancer
                           Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Detection
                           Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
                 Our Cancer Treatment Services
            Cardiac Care
                 Prevention and Wellness
                      Classes and Events
                 Treatment and Procedures
                      Cardiac Rhythm Management
                      Emergency Care
                      Inpatient Cardiac Units for Specialized Care
            Community Health
                      Children & Teens
                      Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
                      Classes y Eventos Especiale en Espanola
                      CPR & Life Support Classes
                      Health & Wellness
                 Contact Us
                 Our Community Involvement
                 Our Partners
                 Special Events
                 Support Groups
                      External Support Groups
            Diabetes Prevention and Education
                 Diabetes Education Program
                 Diabetes Prevention Program
                 Gestational Diabetes Prevention Program
                 Nutrition Counseling Center (Outpatient)
            Dialysis Center
            Emergency Center
                 Express Care
                 For Patients
                      Patient Advocates
                 Pediatric Emergency Care
            Gynecologic Surgery
                 Gynecologic Conditions We Treat
                 Treatments and Procedures
                      Minimally Invasive Surgery
                      Robotic Surgery Using the da Vinci System
                      Women's Surgical Unit
            Holy Cross Health Centers
                 Aspen Hill Location
                 Gaithersburg Location
                 Health Center Services
                 Silver Spring Location
            Home-Based Care
                 Home Health Agency
                      Geriatric Patient House Calls by Nurse Practitioners
                      Maternal/Child Health Home Care
                 Hospice Services
                 Private Home Services
                 Sign Up For Our Seniors Newsletter
            Hospitalist Services
                 For Patients
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                 For Physicians
                      Frequently Asked Questions
            Imaging Services
            Joint Center
                 ¿Pensando en la cirugía de reemplazo de articulaciones?
                 For Patients
                      About Your Stay
                      Home Care
                      Joint Center Images
                      Physical Medicine
                           Medical Equipment Companies
                           Rehab and Nursing Facilities
                           Anesthesia: Pre-Operative Information for Patients
                           My Medications List
                           Pre-Operative Exercises
                           Preparing Your Home
                           The Role Of A Coach
                 Joint and Spine Lecture Series
                 Joint Replacement Pre-Operative Class
            Maternity Center
                 Gift Shop
                 Inside The Maternity Center
                      Información en Español
                      OB/GYN Clinic
                      Prenatal Tours
                      Private Maternity Suites
                      Visiting Guidelines
                 Maternity Center Contact Information
                 Maternity Support Services
                      Car Seat Rental Program
                      Gestational Diabetes Education
                      Maternal/Child Health Home Care
                      Never Alone Perinatal Palliative Care Program
                      Postpartum Depression Support Group
                 National Children’s Study
                 Online Nursery
                 Preparing For Birth
                      Find A Pediatrician
                      Newborn Checklist
                      Online Childbirth Education Class
                      ParentCare e-Newsletter
                      What To Do When Labor Begins
                      What To Pack
                 Special Care For Women and Newborns
                      High-Risk Perinatal Center
                      Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
                      Perinatal Diagnostic Center
            Medical Laboratory
                 Cancel a Test
                 Contact Us
                 Lab Leadership
                 Order a Test in PowerChart
                      Add On Order
                      Order Blood Bank Products
                      Order Priorities
                      Order Therapeutic Drugs Levels
                 Pathology Staff
                 Rejection Criteria
                 Scheduled Phlebotomy Rounds
                 Specimen Collection
                 Specimen Labeling
                      Label Printers
                 Test Catalog
                      Blood Bank Tests
                      Core Lab Tests
                      Microbiology Tests
                      Surgical Pathology Tests
                      Aneurysm Treatment Options
                      Brain Conditions Treated
                      Learn About Brain Surgery
                      Patient Information
                      Team Approach to Care
                      Treatment Options for Brain Conditions
                 Contact Neuroscience Care
                      Epilepsy and Seniors
                      Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
                           Preparing for Epilepsy Monitoring
                      Epilepsy Treatment Options
                      Team Approach to Epilepsy Care
                 Meet the Neuroscience Team
                 Nervous System
                      Conditions Treated
                      Treatment Options
                 Neuroscience Community Lectures
                 Parkinson's Disease
                      Deep Brain Stimulation
                      Learn about Back and Neck Conditions
                      Spine Care Team Approach
                      Spine Conditions Treated
                      Treatment Options for Spine Conditions and Injury
                      Learn More About Stroke
                      Stroke Response Team
                      Stroke Treatment Options
                      Stroke Warning Signs and Risks
                      Virtual Care
                      Brain and Spine Tumor Patient Stories
                 Unique Care Services
                      Neuro Critical Care Unit
                      Nurse Navigation
                      Pain Management
                      Virtual Care
                 Watch Patient Videos
                      Brain Surgery: Watch Carol's Story
                      Deep Brain Stimulation: Watch Carolyn's Story
                      Epilepsy: Watch Michael's Story
                      Spine Surgery: Watch Raquel's Story
                      Stroke Care: Watch Kelly's Story
                 Watch Physician Videos
                      Aleko Kimbouris, PAC
                      Amin Amini, MD
                      Andrew Barbash, MD
                      Gregory Mathews, MD
                      James Jaffe, MD
                      Philip Schneider, MD
                      Shahid Rafiq, MD
                      Sharon Harriston RN, MS, CRNP, CCNS
                      Zachary Levine MD
            Pain Management Center
                 Basic Types of Pain
                      Psychological Aspects of Pain
                 Contact Information
                 For Patients
                      Learn About Your Procedure
                      Pain Management Center Staff
                 Treatments and Procedures
                      Treatment Methods
            Palliative Care
                 Advanced Directives
                 Helpful Links
                 Palliative Care Services
                 Resource Documents
            Pediatric Services
                 Other Pediatric Services
                 Partnership With Children’s National Medical Center
                 Pediatric Cardiology (Outpatient)
                 Pediatric Center
                      Child Life Specialist
                      Donate To The Pediatrics Unit
                      Meet P'Tooey The Fish
                      Pediatric Emergency Care
                      Pediatric Hospitalists
                 Pediatric Infectious Diseases
                 Pediatric Plastic Surgery Clinic
                 Pediatric Surgery
                      Day Of Surgery
                      Preparing For Surgery Guide
            Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialized Programs
                      Laryngeal Videoendostroboscopy
                      Lymphedema Program
                      Swallowing Center
                 Types of Therapy
                      Physical Therapy for Women’s Health
            Radiation Treatment Center
                 Radiation Treatment Center Physicians and Care Team
                 Radiation Treatment Center Services
            School of Radiologic Technology
                 About the Program
                      Attendance & Vacation
                      Student Handbook
                      Tuition & Fees
                      Prerequisite Requirements for All Students
                 For Students
            Senior Services
                 Disease Prevention & Management
                      Disease Management
                      Disease Prevention
                 End-of-Life Care
                      Advanced Directives
                 Family and Caregiver Resources
                      Bereavement Support
                      Caregiver Classes & Support Groups
                      Caregivers Resource Center
                      Virtual Visiting
                 Fitness and Wellness Programs
                      Classes and Support Groups
                      Community Health Screenings
                      Medical Adult Day Center
                      Senior Fit and Exercise
                      Senior Source: Wellness Center
                 Home-Based Care for Seniors
                      Medical Care
                      Private Home Services for Seniors
                 Resources for You
                      Order Your Just In Case Wallet Card
                      Order Your Seniority Kit
                 Seniors Emergency Center
                 Seniors Inpatient Services
                      Acute Care of the Elderly
                      Medication Safety
                      Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
                      Palliative Care
                 Seniors Surgery Center
                      Preparing for Surgery and Recovery
            Sleep Center
            Surgical Services
                 Preparing for Surgery
                      After Surgery
                      Anesthesia: Pre-Operative Information for Patients
                      Before Your Surgery
                      Community-Based Resources
                      Day Of Surgery
                      Day Of Surgery Preparation
                      During Your Surgery
                 Treatments and Procedures
                      Minimally-Invasive Expertise
                           GATE Institute
                           Robotic Surgery
                      Specialized Expertise
            Virtual Care
            Women's Health
                 Gynecologic Surgery
                 Maternity Center
                 Physical Therapy for Women’s Health
                 Prevention and Wellness
                      Diagnostics and Testing
                 Women's Cancer
       Quality & Safety
            Heart Attack
            Heart Failure
            Surgical Infection Prevention
       Ways to Give
            Holy Cross Health Foundation
                 2013 Foundation Board of Trustees
                 Foundation Contacts
                 Special Events
                      Holy Cross Health Gala
                      Holy Cross Health Golf and Tennis Classic
                           Golf & Tennis Classic Schedule of Events
                 The Legacy Society
            Our Needs
                 Book Donations
                 Donate to the Acute Care of the Elderly Program
                 Donate To The Pediatrics Unit
                 2014 High School Summer Volunteer Application
                 Adult Volunteer Application
                 Awareness Quiz
                 Confidentiality Agreement
                 Gift Shop Volunteer Application
                 High School Service Learning (Age 14-17) Volunteer Application
                 Volunteer Agreement
                 Volunteer Drivers
                 Volunteer Orientation Checklist
                 Volunteer Service Excellence Agreement
            Frequently Asked Questions
 Health Information & Tools
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