Holy Cross Hospital Seniors Emergency Center

Holy Cross Hospital Seniors Emergency Center:
National Model of Geriatric Emergency Medical Services

Holy Cross Hospital Seniors Emergency Center

The Seniors Emergency Center is located inside the main Emergency Center at Holy Cross Hospital, 1500 Forest Glen Road in Silver Spring. Please click below for driving directions and a map:

The nation’s first Seniors Emergency Center is right in your neighborhood—an innovative approach to care that makes Holy Cross Hospital one of the best hospitals in Maryland for seniors. Ours is the first Emergency Center in the U.S. designed for—and dedicated to—patients age 65+ with non-life threatening emergencies.  We pioneered this innovative approach, which is today a model of geriatric patient care for the country.

The center’s team—a patient-centered practice—includes physicians, a geriatric nurse practitioner, registered nurses and a social worker, all specially trained in geriatric emergency medicine.

The team delivers compassionate, personalized elder health care—with quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plans developed with each patient’s special needs in mind.

We’ve designed every aspect of our Seniors Emergency Center with your health, safety and comfort in mind—and paid attention to details that create a calm, gentle and nurturing environment:

  • Treatment bays separated by walls, not curtains, for added privacy and quiet

  • Thicker mattresses and heated blanket for patients

  • Safety features like handrails, softer lighting and non-slip floors

  • Special speakers that make it easier to listen to music or watch TV

  • Telephones and remote controls with larger buttons

  • Space set aside for private family consultations

  • A centrally located nursing station so staff can keep a close eye on every patient

When patients leave the center, we make sure the transition home or to another care setting goes smoothly.  The team even calls each senior patient at home to be sure patients have all they need to get back to their lives.

If patients need hospitalization, the team will refer them to the most appropriate level of care at Holy Cross Hospital—one of only two hospitals in Montgomery County, Md., recognized as a NICHE hospital. That means we participate in the Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) program, and that our senior services meet the highest standards of care. For seniors with complex health problems, we have designed our Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Program to deliver quality and comprehensive, patient-centered geriatric care.