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About Radiation Therapy

The Holy Cross Radiation Treatment Center is committed to providing the finest, most advanced radiation oncology care.

Cancer cells grow and divide more quickly than normal cells. By using concentrated levels of radiation at the areas of cancer in the body, radiation therapy can destroy or slow down the growth of cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is used to fight many types of cancer. Sometimes, radiation is the only treatment needed. It may also be used to:

  • Shrink a tumor as much as possible before surgery
  • Help prevent the cancer from coming back after surgery or chemotherapy
  • Relieve symptoms caused by a tumor
  • Treat cancers that cannot be removed with surgery

About 65 percent of all patients with cancer require radiation therapy at some point in their treatment. Our specially trained physicians and staff will consult with you prior to treatment to identify and measure specific treatment areas.

Depending on the diagnosis, typical treatments last from two to seven weeks. After completing treatment, patients return for follow-up visits for up to five years.

For more information on the Holy Cross Radiation Treatment Center call 301-681-4422.

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