50th Anniversary Stories

Holy Cross Hospital's history is built on many stories — tales of life-changing moments, unforgettable patients, and extraordinary doctors and nurses. Here, individuals who have been a part of Holy Cross Hospital's history share their memories.

Community Members

First Emergency Surgery Patient

Kathleen Mayer Bovello
Former Patient

Lost on the Way 
to the ER

Karen Gayle Brown
Former Patient

Three Generations of Patients

Roberta Gosier
Community Member 

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I Belong at  Holy Cross Hospital

Jason Colton

A Place of Personal & Presidential History 

Charlie Garcia

A Maternity Patient Becomes Employee 

Letitia Henry

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6th President of Medical & Dental Staff

John Harbelin, MD 
Former Physician 

From Moonlighting to A Lifetime of Service

Ronald Pomerantz, MD
Retired Radiologist
Tenure: Jan. 10, 1963; 1968-2003

Pediatric Patient Becomes Physician

Mark G. Roddy, MD
Member of the Medical Staff

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Sisters of the Holy Cross

Sister's Irish Spirit Eases Patients' Minds

Sr. Maurita Hartney C.S.C. (deseased)

A Saint in Our Midst

Sr. Jean Andre Fannon, C.S.C. (deceased)

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